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Biotika |

ISSN 2410-9290 (Online)
Interdisciplinary journal published since December 1, 2014.

ISSUE 2(9), April 2016

Table of Content

Yakimova E.A.

  • Species composition and quantitative content of microscopic fungi in feeds and feed raw materials for animals; pp. 3-10
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Moiseeva N.V., Yakimova E.A.

  • The role of Enterobacter spp. bacteria in the etiology of acute intestinal diseases in farm animals; pp. 11-24
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Novikova M.A.

  • The results of identifying the main sources of goat eimeriosis in the Moscow region and determining its seasonal-age dynamics; pp. 25-27
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Efremov I.V.

  • Effect of polyoxidonium-vet on broiler productivity; pp. 28-31
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Gavrushenko I.V.

  • Species and viability of the anisakid larvae found in sea fish meat; pp. 32-37
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Voinov E.S.

  • Veterinary and sanitary assessment of feed used for feeding pets; pp. 38-40
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Laishevtcev A.I.

  • Pasteurellosis of farm animals: modern epizootic situation on the territory of the Russian Federation; pp. 41-43
  • Full-text in PDF: download

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