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Biotika |

ISSN 2410-9290 (Online)
Interdisciplinary journal published since December 1, 2014.



  • Plygun Sergey, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Researcher (Orel State University named after
    I.S. Turgenev, Orel, Russia).

Managing Editor:

  • Tirtayani I Gusti Ayu, Researcher (Universitas Pendidikan Nasional, Bali, Indonesia).

Publishing Editors:

  • Aminah Aminah, Lecturer (Achmad Yani University, Banjarmasin, Indonesia);
  • Aziz Aulia Luqman, Researcher (Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia);
  • Damiyano David, Researcher (Nelson Mandela University & Durban University of Technology, South Africa).

Editorial Members:

  • Amri Indah Amalia, Researcher (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia);
  • Baryshnikova Elena, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Specialist of the Department of Veterinary Medicine (LLC Helicon Company, Russia);
  • Glinushkin Alexey, Academician, Professor (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia);
  • Kapustin Andrey, Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Researcher (All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine named after Y.R. Kovalenko, Moscow, Russia);
  • Mago Stephen, PhD, Professor (Nelson Mandela University, South Africa);
  • Mishra Abhay Prakash, Dr. (Department of Pharmacology, University of Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa);
  • Dorasamy Nirmala, Professor (Durban University of Technology, South Africa);
  • Santoso Mochammad Istiadjid Eddy, Professor (Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia);
  • Setia Yulia Dwi, Researcher (Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia);
  • Syrym Nazym, PhD, Senior Scientific Researcher (Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems, Republic of Kazakhstan);
  • Zhurkina Tatyana, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor (Voronezh State Agrarian University, Voronezh, Russia).

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