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Biotika |

ISSN 2410-9290 (Online)

Interdisciplinary journal published since December 1, 2014.
The publishing of journal is supported by the All-Russian Research Institute of Phytopathology (Moscow Region, Russia).

ISSUE 3(16), June 2017

Table of Content

Zhurkina T.A.

  • Reserves for the growth of crop production; pp. 3-7
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Baklashov Y.V.

  • Ways to improve the use of fixed assets; pp. 8-10
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Zherlichina O.Y.

  • Analysis of the production potential from the perspective of competitiveness; pp. 14-17
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Mezheritskaya N.N.

  • Analysis of financial stability of the enterprise; pp. 14-17
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Pavlyuchenko T.N., Zhurkina T.A.

  • Accrual of depreciation for profit tax purposes; pp. 18-19
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Rukina E.M.

  • Methodical basis for assessing the production potential; pp. 20-22
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Herwati A., Supriyono

  • The result of a two-stages cross intra and interspecific selection of sugar cane crop potential clones; pp. 23-28
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Rochmoeljati Rr., Firmansyah M.I.

  • Waste level analysis in a care section with the lean maintenance method to minimize waste in PT. Varia Usaha Beton Gresik; pp. 29-42
  • Full-text in PDF: download

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