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Biotika |

ISSN 2410-9290 (Online)
Interdisciplinary journal published since December 1, 2014.

ISSUE 6(13), December 2016

Table of Content

Denshchikova A.A., Polukhin A.A.

  • Prospects for the development of vegetable production in Russia; pp. 3-8
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Polukhin A.A.

  • Strategic indicators of technical modernization of agriculture in Russia; pp. 9-13
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Leuhina O.

  • Agrarian production as a specific area of labor and capital applications; pp. 14-18
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Leuhina T.

  • Food and energy problems in terms of population growth; pp. 19-24
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Achkasov A.

  • Specificity of economic relations, formed with the interaction of society and nature; pp. 25-30
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Neuimin S.K., Neuimin D.S.

  • Socio-economic framework of the region: calculation and analysis; pp. 31-37
  • Full-text in PDF: download

Kruzhkova I.I., Al Obaydi Ahmed Davud Khudair

  • The investment policy of the Orel region with the predominance of investments in fixed assets: the current state and prospects; pp. 38-43
  • Full-text in PDF: download

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